Safer Space Standards

CSIE does not tolerate discriminatory or abusive behaviour, and a participant may be removed from any event if they do not follow our safer space standards outlined below. These will also be posted at each event for participant reference.

Use Correct Pronouns

We will have nametags for attendees to write pronouns on. For example, They/Them, She/Her, They/He, etc.

We will also go over names and pronouns at the start of each class.

Respect Boundaries

Physical Boundaries – Respect others’ boundaries by asking first. Eg. ask before hugging someone. “No” is always an acceptable response and must be respected.

No Offensive Jokes

Jokes that “punch down” (i.e. take aim at a marginalized community) are not acceptable here.

Not Tolerated: Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Ableism, etc.

Participation is not mandatory.

You do not have to participate in everything asked. You always have the option to pass on activities in the class.

Not Every Event is for Everyone

Some events will specify they are for specific groups (eg. Queer Craft Night). If you are not in the group specified, wait to attend one of our other events.

If our standards need an update, let us know.